Electrical Equipment Handbook – Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Electrical Equipment Handbook – Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Electrical Equipment Handbook provides a comprehensive understanding of the various types of motors, variable-speed drives, transformers, generators, rectifiers, inverters, circuit breakers, fuses, bearings, vibration analysis, used oil analysis, power station electrical systems and design requirements, and power station protective systems. All the fundamentals, basic design, operating characteristics, testing, inspection, specification, selection criteria, advanced fault detection…….


E-maintenance is the synthesis of two major trends in today’s society: the growing importance of maintenance as a key technology and the rapid development of information and communication technology. E-maintenance gives the reader an overview of the possibilities offered by new and advanced information and communication technology to achieve efficient maintenance solutions in industry, energy…….

Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants – Vol 5 – Maximizing Machinery Uptime

The authors use their decades of experience and draw upon real-world examples to demonstrate that the application of their techniques provides a basis for equipment management, uptime maximization, and reduced maintenance costs. The text explores reliability assessment techniques such as Failure Mode, Effect Analysis, and Fault Tree Analysis of commonly encountered rotating machinery. These are…….

Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants – Vol 4 – Major Process Equipment Maintenance and Repair

This updated edition is an invaluable source of practical cost-effective maintenance, repair, installation, and field verification procedures for machinery engineers. It is filled with step-by-step instructions and quick-reference checklists that describe preventive and predictive maintenance for major process units such as vertical, horizontal, reciprocating, and liquid ring vacuum pumps, fans and blowers, compressors, turboexpanders, turbines,…….

Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants – Vol 1 – Improving Machinery Reliability

The book begins with advice on writing a proper equipment specification, stressing the importance of getting and keeping complete installation, operation, and maintenance instructions. (Electrical Apparatus). Sets out proven techniques and procedures that extend machinery life, reduce maintenance costs, and achieve optimum machinery reliability in the petroleum processing industry. (SciTech Book News). Tác giả: Số…….

TPM A Route to World-Class Performance

Total Productive Maintenance, an original Japanese management protocol developed to alleviate production losses caused by machine breakdowns, has moved on. Through TPM, more companies now accept the concept of zero breakdowns as achievable. From the foundation of striving for zero breakdowns, world-class plants are able to run for complete shifts without the need for intervention.…….